license & Permit Bond

Contractor license & permit bond

Contractor license & permit bond

We are able to provide license & permit bonds for municipalities in 45 states.  

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What is the purpose of a license & permit bond?

This is a type of bond that is typically required by a municipality (town, city, village, etc).  When a contractor is going to perform a specified type of work within that municipality they are required to obtain a permit.  Part of the permit process is to obtain a bond.  The bond is a confirmation of complying with the governing laws.  

What is the required amount for the bond?

The amount of the bond is determined by the municipality based on the type of work to be performed.  The most common amounts for the bond are $5,000 through $20,000.

How do I know how much is required?

For many municipalities, they will provide you with this information when inquiring about the permit.  They will provide instructions on what they require for the type of work that you are performing.

How much does a license & permit bond cost?

This depends on the amount of the bond.  Generally speaking the minimum charge for this type of bond is $50, the average bond cost is $100 but it could be higher.

What is required to get a license & permit bond?

The first step is to get a quote.  We would need the following information to get a quote:

- name

- address

- contact information

- Village where the work will be performed

- Type of work to be done (electrical, plumbing, etc)

- Amount of bond required

At the bottom of this page and the top of the page is a form that can be completed that provides this information.  Please note you only need to complete one or the other.

How long is the bond good for?

Bonds are good for 1 year but this is typically based on calendar year.  Most municipalities require that bonds expire on 12/31.

Do I have to get a new bond every time that I am obtaining a permit?

You probably would not need to get a new bond for a municipality if the following are true:

1. You had provided a bond in the current calendar year for a prior job

2. You are doing the same type of work (electric, plumbing, etc)

The bond is not job specific (as in I did a job for Mr. Smith).  It is work specific. If you had done plumbing work for Mr. Smith and now Mr. Jones needs plumbing work, the bond should be good for both jobs.

How long does it take to get a license & permit bond?

It takes minutes to have one done.  We are able to quote and issue in less than 5 minutes.  Once we have provided a quote, all that we need is payment and the bond can be conveniently emailed to you.