Home Coverage


This is the coverage that provides for the structure itself.It provides the physical damage coverage on the roof, walls and floors that make your house. 

Other Structures 

This provides the protection for structures that are separate from your house, such as a garage, shed or fence.

Personal Property

This provides protection for all your stuff that belongs to you.This could be clothes, furniture, appliances, stereo equipment and bikes.This provides protection from theft, fire and many other types of losses.

Loss of Use

If you have a covered loss and you are not able to live in your home while it is being repaired, this coverage helps you with the additional expense. It can cover costs like hotel, food and transportation.

Medical Payments

This coverage helps to cover the cost of medical bills if a person is injured on your property.


Provides protection if someone were to file suit against you or make a claim for damages because of their injury on your premises.This can also provide protection if you were to accidentally damage someone else’s property.

Optional Coverage

These coverages may not automatically be included in a homeowner policy but they can represent some areas of significant risk.These are some key coverage that you may want to consider.

  • Sewer Back up
    • This coverage is defined as water that rises in your home from drains or plumbing fixtures (such as sinks or toilets). It is normally excluded on a home policy but many companies offer it at an additional cost.
  • Earthquake coverage
    • This includes earth movement.This is normally and add on to a policy and not automatically included.
  • Ordinance of Law
    • This will take into account changes in building codes. If your municipality had changes in their code, they may require that these changes be adhered to when a home is being repaired.This can be costly for a homeowner if they do not have this coverage.
  • Flood
    • This is defined by water rising from the outside of a home and coming in.  This coverage requires a separate policy. 
  • Replacement Cost on roof repairs
    • Many companies have switched to actual cash value on roofs of a certain age.This means that if your roof is 10 years old and has hail damage, they will depreciate your roof and pay you on this basis.
  • Identity Theft
    • Identity Theft is on the rise and it can be both expensive and time consuming to deal with.  This coverage provides assistance with correcting the records.
  • Loss Assessment
    • This can be really important for a homeowner that is part of a home association.  If the home association has a covered loss and they assess all members a part of that loss, this coverage will take care of this.