Funeral Home

Your business is unique to you

Your business is unique to you

Our policies are uniquely tailored to meet your needs. 

What are your business risks?

There are many risks for funeral homes and funeral home directors.  It is important to have properly structured coverage to protect your financial well being. Our job is to determine your risk and to provide solutions that are affordable.  Insurance policies should not be one size fits all, this can cause gaps in your coverage and expose your business to financial risk.

- Auto accidents involving business owned vehicles (including hearses)

- Accidents occurring from your direction of traffic

- Slips and falls

- Vandalism

- Director & Office liability

- Professional liability

  provides coverage for professional mistakes that are made

- Property

- Workers Compensation

- Data Breach

- Business Income

   If your business was shut down due to a covered loss, this would cover your loss

   of income while your business was repaired.

- General Liability

- Employment Practices liability coverage

   Protects against lawsuits by current or former employees