Dune Buggy Insurance

We are your insurance agent to provide coverage for your Dune Buggy. Dune Buggies can be very difficult to obtain insurance for but we provide coverage for them frequently and are in touch with the unique needs of these car owners. Here at Rally Insurance Group, we take pride in the fact that our team and the companies that we work with have a real understanding of this high performance market. We are aware that these vehicles are your love and passion and for that reason, we vow to make sure that they are covered the way that you expect so that you can spend your time enjoying your “baby” instead of worrying about if you have the right coverage.


  • This policy offers agreed value, which gives you the peace of mind knowing how you will be covered if you were to ever have a total loss without any of the hassles of arguing or debating.
  • They take into account that these vehicles are used mostly for pleasure use so they give you a little bit of a break on your premium. This is especially true if you have multiple collector cars on one policy.
  • Let’s go back to the saving money part (everybody’s favorite). You only pay for Liability charges once, no matter how many classic cars you insure with us. After all, you can only drive one classic car at a time.
  • We offer different mileage plans to fit your needs: 1000, 3000, 6000, or even unlimited.
  • We offer spare parts coverage for the car enthusiast who is constantly working on modifying or upgrading their vehicle.

*Not all features are available in all states. It is subject to state laws and driver experience.

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Main office: 630-617-9960
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Our Providers

This is a company that is easy to work with and really invested in their community.
Thomas F.
Excellent customer service! Kelsey is super helpful and patient. She explained my quote and the various plan options clearly. Very professional!
Wei Z.
I am a recent college graduate and had no experience with insurance period. Lars made my whole experience great and he found me an great deal on my auto insurance. I would recommend them to anyone.
Kyle N.
They are awesome! Very helpful and no problems. Highly recommend this company.
Melanie K.