Poker Run Rules and Info

How to play

For each hand purchased by participants, they would receive an official "Hand Tally" Sheet.  A participant would then be provided with a map of the area and a listing of participating businesses.  The businesses will be divided into Zones (1-5).  For each hand to be played a participant must go to at least 1 of the businesses listed in each of the 5 zones.  There will be a dealer at each of the businesses in each of the zones.  The participant would then hand their Handy Tally to the dealer & they would then pick a card.  The card selected would then be recorded on the Hand Tally.  The participant would pick a card 1 at a time for each of the hands that they are playing.  The dealer will record the selected card on each of the hand tallies and also check off the zone that the card was selected in.  The participant would then go on to the next zone and repeat the same card selection procedure.  A hand is complete once a card has been selected in all 5 zones and the Hand Tally has been completed by dealers in all 5 zones.  

The participant at this point should have 5 selected cards listed on their Hand Tally Sheet.  These 5 cards would represent their hand.  The participant would then indicate on their Hand Tally what their best hand is based on the cards that they have selected.  They will then turn in all of their Hand Tally sheets at the Moose Lodge in Johnsburg by no later than 5:30 PM.  

The winner will be determined based on best hand by acceptable combinations as outlined below.  

What do you mean that businesses will be divided into zones?

All participants will be provided with a list of businesses and the zone that they are located in.  The list will look something like this:

Zone 1

Bob's coffee shop 1 Main St  Someplace, IL

Tom's Bar  43 wells st.  Point, IL

Zone 2

Auto mart 5 Hwy 12  Anywhere, IL

Kim's Pizza Place  4 State Park RD  Here, IL

Zone 3

Ellen's Gift Shop  3 Lake St small town, IL

Jeff's grill  9 South St  small town, IL

Zone 4 

Kelsey's place  99 State Line  Helpful, IL

Jessica's cafe  101 Maine St  Hooterville, IL

Zone 5

Gerry's Tapas  1515 Mockingbird Ln Small Town, IL

Lar's Ice Cream Shop  777 Niles St  Lake, IL

There are 2 businesses in each zone.  A participant must go to at least 1 business in each zone to pick their card.  Each hand must have selected 1 card from each of the 5 zones to make up their had.  If a player was playing more than one hand, they may want to pick a card from Gerry's Tapas for their first hand but they may want to pick a card from Lar's Ice Cream Shop for their second hand.    

The only thing to keep in mind is that you must get a card for every hand played from all 5 zones.

Must I go to the zones in order of 1,2,3,4,5?

No, you can go to the zones in any order that you choose.  The only thing that matters is that you pick a card from all 5 zones.

What if their is a tie?

Ties will be settled as follows:

Highest card would rule a tie on a winning hand.  Example:

2 players both have a full house. 

Player 1 has a full house with 2 kings & 3 queens

Player 2 has a full house with 2 Fours & 3 sixes

Player 1 would win because they have the higher cards.

If there are 3 or less people in the tie, then there would be 1 tie breaker poker hand dealt and placement would be determined based on this out come.  

If there was more than 3 people in a tie, then it would be split the pot.