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     Rally Classic Auto

Please note that we have a website that is dedicated to Collector Cars.  You can go to our dedicated site by either clicking here or going to  You will find answers to many questions and much more content on this coverage line. 

Why Rally?

We are car enthusiasts and knowledgeable insurance agents.  We are better able to provide excellent coverage by understanding both.  There are many companies that offer collector car insurance but they do not do it the same way.  It is our job to understand the different options available and how this translates to your vehicle and household.  We are not a one size fits all insurance company.  We help our customers to navigate their way through the confusing insurance marketplace. 

Agreed Value Coverage

There are 3 different types of auto physical damage coverage and they each serve their purpose.  Agreed Value is a coverage that guarantees the value of your car in the event that you should have a totaled covered loss.  This means that you and the insurance company have agreed to the value of your car before a loss had occurred.  Knowing where you stand before a loss happens is key in being confident with your coverage.  We can provide this. Can you say you are confident with your coverage?

  Claim Handling like a Champ

  Our claim adjusters are working with collector cars all day long.  They understand the unique nature of collector cars and they are able to provide an expertise that can help the process go smoothly.  It is hard enough to have a claim, you want an adjuster that understands your needs.  We can bring this!

  Flexible Usage 

 We offer policies that allow a variety of different usages.  Do you have a trailer queen that you barely drive?  Do you want to be able to drive your collector to work once in awhile?  Do you drive your car more than the average collector?  Is your car currently under construction?  We have plans to fit them all!  The best part about this is that the plan is not the same for them all.  You are not paying for coverage that you do not need.

 Independence Is Good 

We are not employees of an insurance company.  We work for our customers and this allows us to provide honesty, advocacy and superior service.  Our independence will provide you with choice, competitive pricing and better flexibility.  Our customers expect both great coverage and a reasonable price.